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Toximation is all the symptoms you get from your immune system being overly activated. This can happen anywhere in the body. Your immune system is your "home land security system"-your internal Marine Corps . These immune system soldiers are designed to help you survive an environment saturated with germs. You breathe in millions with every breath you take and with everything you consume. 

If your system gets over loaded with germs,your immune system responds with its "weapons of mass destruction". The immune system can produce chemicals aimed at destroying germs in many ways. Some chemicals raise body temperature which creates fever. Germs don't like high temperatures. Some chemicals breakdown tissue to clear a path for your immune cells to get to the germs. You may experience this as ache/pains. Some chemicals give the germs a place to attach so they can be escorted out of the body. You experience this as mucous,watery eyes, a rash,or diarrhea. Using chemicals to shut down the immune system's process is not usually a smart idea. Let the fever do its job. 

The immune system is the greatest source of destructive molecules called free radicals. These are basically the "bullets" your immune system fires at germs to kill them. However,free radicals can also destroy normal tissue. So,you want to get rid of germs as quickly as possible so your immune system is not chronically producing free radicals(Bring troops home). The damage from free radicals is called oxidation. The comprehensive action of the immune system is called inflammation(Latin for "on fire"). Toximation is the damage that is done from chronic inflammation and production of free radicals. Its like a war inside your body that never ends. 

I'm designing products that address Toximation. One recent introduction is OMG Nasal Spray. This all natural combination of ingredients from plants assists your body in reducing the level of all types of germs-bacteria,viruses and yeast/fungi from the sinuses. Once the level of germs is reduced,the immune system stops producing all the chemicals it uses to fight them. So,the mucous that causes runny nose goes away. The swollen membranes that cause snoring go away. The throat clearing from post nasal drip goes away. The allergy symptoms go away. The sinus congestion goes away. The sinus head aches go away. The sinus drainage goes away. You won't believe how much better you breathe after your sinuses are clear. If any of these symptoms are giving you problems,try my improved OMG Nasal Spray.

Filtered ionized water, Glycerin, Colloidal Silver 500 PPM, Xylitol, Quercitin, Black Seed Oil, Peppermint Oil, Oregano Oil, Quillaja Extract


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review