BALi Purples

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30 servings

BALi Purples is a delicious healthy aging drink mix that combines 19 whole fruits, vegetables and extracts. Some of nature's most protective foods are darkly colored fruits and vegetables because they naturally contain potent antioxidant Vitamin C and a variety of cell protective nutrients. Also included are healthy aging nutrients: Alpha GPC, L-Carnosine and Folic Acid to support mental energy, focus and clarity. 

BALi Purples has a delicious berry flavor enhanced by the natural sweetness of stevia and purple carrot. 

BALi Purples contains powerful, color-rich phytonutrients that support:

  • Healthy aging
  • Memory, mental clarity and focus
  • Digestive Tract health
  • Cell health and function
  • Circulation and vascular health
  • Smoother, healthier and more radiant skin
  • Immune System function
  • Nerve and brain function


(No reviews yet) Write a Review